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 Perfect Tower Formation

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PostSubject: Perfect Tower Formation   Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:37 pm

I got asked in last time what formation is best.
Line, Open or no formation.

There is no best!

Like (hopefully) everyone knows are units in open formation faster. I guess that's the reason why most players have their towers in open formation.
Others have them in no formation, so the enemy don't know exactly how many towers you use and to make it harder to see on which tower the xbows stand.
Line formation is barely not used.

Both has advantages and disadvantages. So you should just mix it up!
If you have bigger tower groups (like 20) do them in open formation. Then click on 7-10 empty towers and move them so they cross the filled tower. As soon they cross the tower click on stop. If you have time you can turn some towers arround. This way it's harder to attack the xbows from side (this works best with line formation).

This might be perfect. But it's time consuming if youre not used to it. (I don't need more then a few secs to click on the seperate towers and while the towers move i use hotkey to build new troops.)

So if you don't wanna waste your time for this. And still don't know what formation you want use. I suggest you to have a few groups with open and a few with no formation.
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PostSubject: Re: Perfect Tower Formation   Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:58 am

^^ not bad not bad might use it in a game Wink
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Perfect Tower Formation
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