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 Mr.X&Just me VS Brio and Kaeser

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PostSubject: Mr.X&Just me VS Brio and Kaeser   Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:01 am

2 vs 2 koth high setts Marine map

All do our eco's.... while mine simply's the best scratch

Lol joking Wink

Anyhow all were pretty much the same... though i don't think anyone had cash problems most of the round.

Game starts i move in merlin and x bow, while i only seen keaser come in with melrin. I keep perci close and try a merlin special which works and kills of kaesers first attack.

I figured i had some spare troops so i sent a few to bri to keep him busy. Meanwhile keaser comes back with x bow and archers and merlin with them and i use perci attack to clear most of them away.. Meanwhile brio is using his merlin badly on just me... and i had a merlin alive so i killed his. Game goes on and keaser launches a big all out offense while i only had 30 empty towers so i put my eco off and sent in 120 maces and then the game was over

GG guys Wink



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Mr.X&Just me VS Brio and Kaeser
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