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 MrX & Just me VS Brio and Keaser (no trade)

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PostSubject: MrX & Just me VS Brio and Keaser (no trade)   Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:51 am

No trade game

7xt marine map

Game starts , all delete baracks and i use disband trick to get my eco up a lil bit faster. Game goes on and i got as first my bows out. Kaeser comes in with knights and kills my bows then he occupies the centre... Soon to be followed by just me who then took over the centre Very Happy
. I come with tower while bri and just me also come in with towers... it takes a lil bit longer before also kaeser has towers.

Game goes on and kaeser comes with i think 8 towers with archers and x bow on it. i sent some towers to him combined with gawain, while just me used his knights to assist me. Result all towers go down and keasers whole offense was destroyed. Bri try's to take just me out abit but it had no use.

GG guys



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MrX & Just me VS Brio and Keaser (no trade)
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